Insurance Adjustment

When you have property damage, it is important to have an expert on your side with your best interests in mind. We are a property loss specialty company, with expertise in insurance, engineering and estimating.

We have helped many homeowners and businesses on the East End and Florida receive equitable and timely insurance settlements.

What We Can Do for You:

  • Handle All the Paperwork to Document Your Claim With Your Insurance Company.
  • Review Your Insurance Policy So You Collect What You Are Entitled to.
  • Prepare a Detailed Cost Estimate of Building and Contents Damage.
  • Speed Up the Claims Process So You Get Your Money Faster.
  • Negotiate With Your Insurance Company for the Largest Fair and Equitable Settlement Possible.
  • Much More!
  • See the Video of the Interview

Partial List of East End Clients We've Helped:

  • Gurney's Inn -Montaulk
  • Barristers -Southampton
  • Mr. & Mrs. Dios -Southampton
  • Hampton Watercraft and Marine -Westhampton
  • Harold Goodale -Riverhead
  • Marco Ruttiman -Easthampton
  • Stephano Larese -Southampton

Partial List of Florida Clients:

  • Fontaine Blea Hotel -Miami
  • Seawest Towers -Miami
  • Mercy Hospital -Florida
  • Coral Gables Condominiums -Coral Gables

Call Greg today and learn how we can help you with your insurance claim. (516) 375-0093 or (631) 287-5540

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